Rays Of Light Television

24/7 Streaming TV...We meet at the threeway intersection of Broadcast Television, Streaming Media, and Social Media. A minority-owned and operated platform.

..."The practical, God-fearing workers will be growing upward, praying in faith for grace and heavenly wisdom that they may do the work devolving upon them with cheerfulness and a willing mind. They will seek the divine rays of light that they may brighten the paths of others." DG 16.1

The Technology:

    • ROKU – 52 million boxes
    • Apple TV 10 Million
    • FireTV – Amazon 30 Million
    • Glory STAR
    • Satellite Broadcast
    • IOS & Android APP
    • Websites

We call this “Meeting people where they are”

    • Whatever Platform they are on
    • Wherever they are, internet/cell service required
    • Whenever they are ready, we are delivering the Gospel 24/7 worldwide